Preparing for three months in Italy

Alex and I leave for Italy on 16 May.

We’ll spend the first two weeks or so in the Veneto, at Castelfranco where we have stayed previously. Its central location will enable us to meet relatives of the market gardeners whom I have interviewed in the last eight years for the Veneto oral history project. When we were there last time we met several relatives in the province of Treviso: in Riese, Caselle d’Altivole, Bigolino and Valdobbiadene, and Malo in the province of Vicenza. This time I am hoping to interview members of pioneer Veneto market gardener families who returned to live in the Veneto about 40 years ago.  We’ll return to the Veneto in July so I can record interviews which I will add to the 44 already collected for the project.

While we’re in Italy I’ll attend two conferences. In June I’m giving a paper at a conference for the International Federation for Public History in Ravenna.  In July I will present another paper at the conference for the Australasian Centre for Italian Studies at Prato near Florence. Both papers are about my PhD study and the focus is on the viability of communicating the experience of migration and settlement of the Veneto community of market gardeners through the Internet and specifically on the website.

And how will we spend other weeks? We’ll attend the Infiorata or flower carpet event in June for the Feast of Corpus Christi in the village of Spello where we have stayed before on three occasions. We’ll also enjoy a second period in Spello during July. We love that village and the surrounding country. And there will also be opportunities to stay in other places we’ll find on our travels.

Of course, along the way we’ll be making sure we find great places to eat guided by the ‘Slow Food’ guide for 2017.

I’ll be in touch after our first few days in Italy. We spend our fist two nights in La Serenissima!


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  1. Safe travels Mads & Alex. We are looking forward to reading all about your adventures in Italy! Love Sharon & Pete xx

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