Moving on from the Veneto

Entrance to botanic gardens, Padova

Italy blog # 4 – 3 June 2017

Our last night in Castelfranco until the end of June when we we’ll stay for another week.

In the last few days we’ve spent time with people who were born in Adelaide and returned to live in the Veneto with their families in the late 1960s when they were adolescents. We met Irene Zampin in Caselle and Vivian Miotto who lives near Conegliano. We also spent time in Venice with Angela, long time friend of Aida, who lives in Venice. It was very hot, muggy and crowded with tourists but with Angela we moved away from the throng and had a perfect lunch – a plate of mixed seafood typical of Venice. Ottimo!

In the past week or so Alex and I have combined quiet time meandering around Castelfranco with meeting relatives of some of the people interviewed for the project. It’s been convenient to have the hire car and Alex is so proficient with driving on the other side of the road. We don’t use autostrade and find ourselves on narrow country roads that wind around fields of corn and asparagus and old houses.

We’ve spent full days at Padova and Vicenza. We were delighted by the old walled villages of Marostica and Cittadella. We explored Asolo again and we’ve also wandered through beautiful 15th century villas. Today we went to Bassano del Grappa and also Cittadella once again so that we could climb the medieval walls about 13 metres above the city and nearly two kms long. I kept my vertigo pretty well controlled!

Apart from enjoyable meetings with people, what stands out so far? I have been most excited by the botanical gardens in Padova (the oldest in the world) and being in Vicenza at the Teatro Olimpico designed by Palladio and exploring the Palladian Villa at Maser not far from Castelfranco. Oh! And we’ve had some sensational meals! Did I mention that it is cherry season?

Tomorrow we’ll travel to Ravenna where I’ll attend the International Federation of Public History conference from Monday to Friday. I give my paper on Tuesday. It will be an experience that I’m hoping will be positive. Alex is looking forward to wandering the city and looking at mosaics.

When we return to Castelfranco I hope to record interviews, do some research in the Riese parish archives and the comune, and meet with the Mayor. And have more meetings with people. A full program!

Villa Maser – photo shoot of 18th century picnic goers
Ceramic wall feature, Asolo
Ceramics exhibition, Conegliano


3 thoughts on “Moving on from the Veneto”

  1. Sounds wonderful Mads! Thank you for the updates. We are very envious, especially of the food and weather! I trust the delivery of your paper went well. Hi to Alex. 🙂

  2. Hi Mad.
    It sounds like your days are full, but so rewarding with all the history combined with the holiday
    I look forward to hearing about the conference and your presentation on Tuesday. How many people are attending?
    Cheers Les x

  3. What a dream working holiday!!
    Just sensational!!
    Lucky ducks!!
    Keep on enjoying!!
    Best wishes for your presentation Madeleine!!

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