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Blog # 9, 16 July 2017


Remo is the second child of Pietro and Antonietta (nee Pastro) Berno from Riese, who owned market gardens on Valetta Road, Kidman Park with Remo’s aunt and uncle, Alberto and Elvira (nee Carraro) Berno. Remo grew up with his older brother, Roberto and younger sister, Diana, and  cousins, Johnny and Marisa. Remo’s uncle Alberto arrived in Adelaide in 1926 and his father Pietro, in 1927 and they established extensive market gardens. His mother and aunt arrived in the late 1940s/early 1950s. The two families lived and worked together on Valetta Road and returned to Riese in the Veneto in 1969.

After I interviewed Remo with Diana when we were in the Veneto, he asked to contribute to the blog. Here are Remo’s reflections …

I’m still experiencing the positive sensations that I got during and after our chat on the 27th June. I was glad to be able to register the fond memories of my youth in Lockleys. Thus I must once again thank you and Alex for the opportunity that was given to me and Diana to make these memories become part of a much bigger project and have them live on and be a reference for the future generations.

But more than this, I’ve got a special feeling that I would like to share with you, and maybe if you think so, also to be posted in your blog. During the interview when you asked me to describe my house on the Valetta Road, you opened up a drawer in my mind and out came the home of my youth. With Dad in the car we went down the path that leads from the Valetta Road entrance to our garage. Then from there I entered the old house. I could see the rooms and all of us that lived in them. I could see us around the kitchen table having Sunday lunch (which was one of the few times during the week that our two families got together. For the rest of the week dinner was mainly split up, because we kids would eat early, whilst Mum and Auntie Elvira would wait till Dad and Uncle Berto finished work). It was magic.

After this recall I went to your website (or should I say our website) to listen to some other interviews, and I can see that the way you put simple questions to your interviewees creates the basis for flashbacks to specific moments of the past, in places that are no longer there and sharing these moments with those who were present then and probably are no longer. Thank you Madeleine.

I wish you and Alex all the best so that you are able to continue your long journey with the Veneti and specifically with the ones that sparked off your research.

Remo Berno, Riese, July 2017

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  1. Hi Mad and Alex,
    So interesting reading Remo story and more importantly how the project has touched his heart and ‘flashbacks ‘ of the passed coming to life. It’s a compliment to you Mad in your ability to make people feel comfortable and confident to share their story.
    Les xx

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