2016 History Month

History SA History Festival – 5 May 2016

Bar Yarns: From the Veneto to Frogmore and Findon Roads

Madeleine Regan spoke at the Lockleys Hotel about the project. The presentation included interviews with Johnny Marchioro, Frankie Ballestrin, Eleonora Marchioro and Armida Mattiazzo. Johnny and Frankie are sons of two of the ‘pioneer’market gardeners who arrived in 1927 and farmed in the Frogmore and Findon Roads area.  Over 100 people attended the presentation. An informative photographic slideshow before and after the talk was well received by all participants.

A highlight of the presentation was the three-way interview between Madeleine Regan (in English) Armida Mattiazzo (in Italian) and Eleonora Marchioro (who translated from Italian into English). Of great interest was the fact that in the late 1950s Armida leased four glasshouses and grew tomatoes and beans on Henley Beach Road, near the intersection of Tapleys Hill Road. This was the very site of the Lockelys Hotel where the event was held.

Armida had been interviewed by Eleonora Marchioro for the project in 2011. She had stayed with relatives on Frogmore Road on several occasions in the 1950s and recalls the experience in her interview. Click here for a link to the interview.