Venice – blue skies!

Blog # 2. Venice – blue skies

Arriving in Venice by water taxi is spectacular especially on a sparkling spring day as it was yesterday! We’ve mostly managed the challenge of jet lag – the stopover in Dubai was beneficial.

In the last 24 hours my pedometer has registered 28,000+ steps! Our waking time has been full of walking, looking and discovering new aspects of Venice. Early this morning we were out while the working citizens of Venice were on their way to work and the children and young people were wending their paths to school. The weather has been lovely – about 24 degrees.

I’ve brought my ‘Italy book’ with notes in alphabetical sections about people we met and places in different locations we’ve been to in our previous three visits to Italy. I was surprised to see the first dates from 2005. It’s so full with cards and extra pages that I use a ribbon to keep it together. We’ve already enjoyed retracing some steps through the entries.

And what about my Italian? I’m already getting my ear oiled. I have asked for, and followed directions, ordered meals and explained Alex’s interest in gondolas and wooden boats to a craftswoman in a workshop! I hope I don’t lie awake at night as I did last time, regretting my mistakes or inability to use the subjunctive in conversations!

We leave tomorrow for our next stop – about 40 kms west of Venice. We’ll pick up our hire car which will give us independence and the flexibility to visit the people connected to the Veneto market gardeners oral history project. We’ll stay in the Castelfranco area for nearly two weeks. This will be an interesting time with a focus on the project. We’ll also enjoy getting to know the place and identifying our bar for the first coffee each day!

 We’ll return to Venice in the next couple of weeks to go the Biennale and meet up with one of Aida’s friends.

 20 May 2017

Venue for last night’s dinner!


Hands on the Grand Canal – an installation for the Biennale

4 thoughts on “Venice – blue skies!”

  1. Lovely to hear that you are there safely and enjoying some warmer weather. Fab that you went to Antica Adelaide for dinner too! Keep up the great blogging Mads.

  2. Hi Mad,
    Really enjoying the blog!! 28,000 steps aren’t you glad you bought those comfy shoes!! And how is that toe!!
    I look forward to reading more about your ‘adventure’!

  3. Forget about the subjunctive, especially in the Veneto! Go with your gut!!
    But – you must try to find the monument to the Partigiani on the water’s edge, preferably at low tide!
    Love the Antica Adelaide and the Biennale hands sculpture!
    Amazing! So glad you are going back for the Biennale!
    Hope the good weather continues!

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