Remembering those who have come before

This website captures the history of the community of Veneto market gardeners who arrived between the wars and established market gardens in the Lockleys area in the western suburbs of Adelaide.

Eulogies at funerals can provide information about the lives and experiences of individuals in the community.

In this blog you can read eulogies that were given at the funerals of three of the people interviewed for the Veneto market gardeners’ oral history project and who died in the last three months of 2023. The relatives have given permission for the eulogies to be posted on the website.

The image above of the extended Veneto market gardener community taken in the mid 1950s shows different families gathered on one of the market gardens. It communicates the idea of the close relationships between the families. The older generation pictured in the photo have died and the men and women are remembered through time in their families. The eulogies that you read in this blog preserve the memory of, and offer a way to learn about, the lives of three people connected to the Veneto market gardener families:

1. Johnny Marchioro was born in Adelaide in 1940 and died on 15 September 2023. His eulogy was given by Madeleine Regan.

2. Lena Moscheni nee Rossetto was born in Adelaide in 1933 and died on 7th October 2023. Her niece, Amanda Rossetto, gave her eulogy.

3. Anna Maria Lucchesi nee Vettorello was born in Bigolino in 1929 in the province of Treviso in the Veneto region. She died on 17th November and her son, Enrico, gave the eulogy.

To read the full eulogies, scroll through the pages with the down arrows on the left-hand side of the text.

Johnny Marchioro

Johnny Marchioro, Bolivar, mid 1970s. Photo by Eleonora Marchioro.
Johnny Marchioro, back garden, Nailsworth, March 2023. Photo by Madeleine Regan.

Lena Moscheni nee Rossetto

Lena Rossetto, 21 years, 1953. Supplied by Mandy Rossetto.
Lena Moscheni nee Rossetto, 2022. Photo supplied by Amanda Rossetto.

Anna Maria Lucchesi nee Vettorello

Anna Maria Vettorello c 1950. Photo supplied by Anna Maria Lucchesi nee Vettorello.
Anna Maria Lucchesi nee Vettorlello, Adelaide, 2022. Photo supplied by Enrico Lucchesi.

Other eulogies are available on this website. Look at the Resources button on the far right of the headings at the top of the web page. Scroll down and find ‘Eulogies’ to find the ten eulogies that have been published so far. If you would like the eulogy of a family member to be preserved on this website, please contact me and I will be very pleased to add it.


Madeleine Regan
14 January 2024

2 thoughts on “Remembering those who have come before”

  1. Thanks Madeleine, for placing mum’s eulogy on your blog. It was tough to read it again, since I had not read it since the funeral. I would like very much to have this preserved on your website. [A little piece of our family history.
    Kind Regards,

    1. Thank you, Enrico, for your comments – I can imagine that it woudl have been challenging to read your Mum’s eulogy again for the first time after her funeral.

      We’ll post your mother’s eulogy and the three other ones under the ‘Resources’ button. They will be permanently preserved on this website.


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