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Videos of Oscar Mattiazzo

Oscar talks about the history of his family’s migration to Australia. He includes details about his father’s arrival in Adelaide in 1927 and then the family reunion in 1934 when he travelled with his mother at the age of 11 years. He talks about the family’s early years in Naracoorte, Nuriootpa and Adelaide.
11:14 mins

Oscar reflects on his memories of the Lockleys are where the Veneto families had their market gardens. He recalls meeting the Santin family and Virginia who he would marry. Oscar delivered groceries for his aunt, Carmela Rossetto who had a grocery shop in Hindley Street in the city of Adelaide. He reflects on the contribution of the Veneto community building the Veneto Club and the Mater Christi church at Seaton. He also reflects on his mother’s illness and the impact of the Second World War on his life.
9:45 mins

Madeleine Regan recorded the video interviews in 2011.

Assunta Giovannini nee Tonellato

Assunta talks about her family history, the death of her mother at her birth at Broken Hill in 1937. She speaks about her childhood with her uncle and aunt and the five Tonellato children, living in the vagone on Frogmore Road and the various market gardener families in the area and social life.
9:36 mins

Madeleine Regan recorded the video interview in 2011.

Eleonora Marchioro nee Ottanelli

Eleonora reads the translation of a letter that her father-in-law, Vittorio Marchioro, sent his wife, Angelina Marchioro in 1937. They had married by proxy and in the letter, Vittorio gives Angelina advice about the long boat trip and he ends by saying how much he is looking forward to seeing her in Adelaide.
1:16 mins.

Madeleine Regan recorded the video interview in 2011.


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