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The website features a range of information about the Veneto market gardeners oral history project including:

Madeleine Regan presents at “Eat Your Words” 2016
    • Brief biographies of the 18 pioneer market gardeners who arrived between 1926 and 1928 and links to family members who have been interviewed for the oral history project.
    • Recordings of interviews with the sons and daughters of the pioneer market gardeners, relatives, and other people closely connected to the area.
    • Transcripts of interviews.
    • Information related to other market gardeners living in the area and who would have interacted with the pioneer families. This includes the families of two returned Anglo-Australian WWI soldiers who worked soldier settler blocks on the River Torrens.
    • Images, documents and other graphic information related to the people who are the subjects of the oral history project.
    • Several videos of relatives of the pioneer market gardeners, including a “video of the month”
    • Interviews with mostly second generation Italian Australians who were born in Australia and now live in Italy. These interviews were recorded in Italy in 2018.

Information has been translated into Italian in many of the sections to reflect the transnational aspect of the Veneto market gardeners oral history project.

Research project

Currently Madeleine Regan is undertaking a PhD. related to this project. The research section presents some of her research activities. The information in this section is of an academic nature.


The blog allows for reader to be kept up-to-date on the current situation with the project and provides a means for people to comment and make suggestions regarding the project. You might also like to subscribe to our blog. Click here to subscribe.

Other information includes:

        • Events and public presentations associated with the project
        • Media articles related to the project
        • Timeline of historical events 1920s – 1960s
        • Information about ships on which the pioneer Veneto market gardeners and their relatives travelled to Adelaide
        • Maps of Italy, the Veneto region and of Adelaide and the western suburbs
        • Panels developed for the 2011 exhibition of the project
        • External links to complement the information on this website


Madeleine Regan is an oral historian currently undertaking a PhD.  This PhD has grown out of the community oral history project that Madeleine began in 2006 when she was interested in finding out more about the Italian market gardeners in the western suburbs of Adelaide. She is the owner and author of this website.

She can be contacted by clicking here.




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