Tropeano family

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Three Tropeano brothers from Molochio, Reggio Calabria, arrived separately in Adelaide in the 1920s. From the late 1920s the three brothers worked for Anglo-Australian market gardeners near the River Torrens at Lockleys.

Domenico, born 1903, arrived 1 September 1927 per ‘Citta di Genova’. He had married Concetta in Italy before migrating to Australia. He had returned to Italy a number of times to spend time with his family, including two sons, Vincenzo who had died, and Filippo. Domenico finally returned to live in Italy in 1958.

Rocco Tropeano, born 1909, arrived 1 July 1928 per ‘Ormonde’, sponsored by Domenico. Rocco was able to buy 12 acres of land on Frogmore Road in the mid 1930s and the brothers worked in partnership. The land was situated on the western side of close to Valetta Road opposite Carlo Street. They grew various vegetables including tomatoes, beans and cucumbers in glasshouses, and onions, potatoes, pumpkins outdoors.

Rocco married Maria Griguol who, in 2014, is 85 years old. Maria was the daughter of Pompeo and Andreina Griguol. Rocco and Maria’s children were Robert and Anna. Rocco and Maria and children moved to Salisbury in late 1961 and continued to grow vegetables on ten acres and worked in partnership with Michele. Rocco died in 2001. Anna died in 2011.

Michele (Michael) Tropeano born in 1912 arrived in the late 1920s. Michele married Maria Griguol, Pompeo’s cousin, Giuseppe’s daughter. Their three children were Vincent (deceased), Nadia and Alex. Michele and Maria and family moved to Salisbury in the late 1950s and grew vegetables on ten acres and worked in partnership with Rocco. Michele died in 1979 and Maria, in 1983.

The Tropeano family knew other Italian market gardeners in the Frogmore Road area including the Santin, Tonellato, Zerella and Depasquale families.

Videoed for the project:

Robert Tropeano, son of Rocco and Maria (nee Griguol) Tropeano

Bruno Griguol, son of Sergio and Giuseppina (nee D’Angelo) Griguol

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