Richetto Rebuli

(Enrico) Rebuli  is related to the pioneer Brunone Rebuli and the Rebuli family.

Richetto was  born on 18 June 1921 at Bigolino in the province of Treviso in the Veneto region of Italy. His parents, Giovanni Rebuli and Filomena Barbisan, were born in Bigolino. The family members were agricultural workers. Richetto had three siblings: Maria born 1914, Ginevra born 1916, Teodoro (Doro) born 1922. Richetto’s uncle, Brunone, emigrated to Australia in 1927 and settled on Frogmore Road as a market gardener with his wife Giovanna Rossetto and their three children.

Richetto’s mother died at the age of 37 years when he was six years old. His father raised the four children and they managed to live although the family experienced extreme poverty.

He served in the war for the Italian army and was incarcerated in Dachau for a period.

Richetto followed his brother Doro to Adelaide in 1951. After six months, Richetto’s wife, Eti, and two children, Bruno and Rosanna, joined him.

In his interview which was recorded by Anna Mechis in dialect in 2013, Richetto provides many details of his life in Italy, during the war and his years living with his family in Adelaide.

Richetto died on 9th June 2020 aged 98 years. Eti died on 20 July 2020 aged 94 years.

You can read Richetto’s and Maria’s  eulogy here – written by their grandson, Christian Puccini

Richetto Rebuli, 2014

Interview with Richetto (Enrico) Rebuli – Anna Mechis

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